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COLLINS Keyboard

Pipo Keyboards Are
Rugged & Reliable
Pipo Communications is in the business of manufacturing Keyboards of Premium Quality. Keyboards are increasingly being used in critical situations such as emergency communications, military, RCC's, industrial installations and others where, we believe, encoder failure cannot be tolerated.

WORKMANSHIP is superior and QUALITY CONTROL is rigid.


•  Keyboard and Frame - $71.00
•  Pin Adapter - $6.00
•  Plus Shipping & Handling

         Mounting Frame and Pin Adapter

Pipo Communications' reputation for quality and reliability is reinforced with the CPK-16 COLLINS keyboard—the first of their kind to be specifically designed with steel keys and waterproof, dustproof sealed gold dome contacts. The CPK-16 COLLINS keyboard is designed for the COLLINS KWM-380. The mounting frame is included with the keyboard. These units have been fully tested and are ready for a custom installation.

•  Steel Keys
•  Sealed Gold Dome Contacts
•  Contacts Weather Proof / Dust Proof

•  Wide Temp. Operating Range -22°
•  Brass Inserts w/Stainless Steel
•  Screws For Mounting

•  Keyboard Available in:
....Brown or Black 

Collins KWM-380 Keyboard Application

KWM-380 Keyboard Application PDF icon(PDF File: 230K)

SP-380 Accessory for KWM-380 Application PDF icon(PDF File: 248K)

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