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    Over the past three decades, Pipo Communications has developed and manufactured the highest-quality and most reliable Dual-Tone Multi frequency encoders --
                   "Emphasis is on Quality and Reliability"

    Our encoders' microprocessor-generated tones provide users in critical fields such as BROADCAST, SECURITY and MOBILE RADIO with the cleanest and most transient-free signal...ever! Precise, sharp tones ensure consistent, unfailing decoder performance at high speeds. Dependable, high-speed Pipo encoders are crucial to the efficient operation of systems, simplifying communications through effortless DTMF signaling.

Our Products Are:

DTMF - Encoder, 12 or 16 Key DTMF Encoder w/vertical... ......or horizontal format w/steel keys.
DTMF - Encoder, 12 or 16 Key. 25 memories 30 digits each.
DTMF - Electronics only.

DTMF - Memory Electronics, 2 or 6 memories.

Our Services Are:

Authorized Motorola Radius Dealer - Complete Sales, ......Accessories and Parts for all Motorola two Way Radio ... ......Products.

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